A little about me

In the beginning there was college… and to make ends meet, I worked  in a few demanding sales jobs that taught me the ins and outs of marketing. Selling in those situations forced me to develop the skills I needed to work with people and make my own sales opportunities. I grew to enjoy the marketing aspects of my work and after college,  I decided to try a career in sales instead of going straight into IT. Within a few months, I studied for and passed the Georgia Real Estate Exam. For the next four years I worked for Remax and later Lindsey and Pauly as a sellers agent.

In 2006, I was looking into becoming a broker when the housing market really started to decline. I knew I had to make a change. So, I decided to dust off my computer skills and take the position of Director of Marketing and Residential Support at Ghostnet Inc. During my time with the company I revived the residential support department and boosted sales for both software and support services. I also worked with the surrounding chambers of commerce as part of their Chairman’s Council to increase visibility and develop new leads.

Over time I realized that I had acquired a unique skill set. A large part of my job was discussing complex technology solutions with the technicians and then writing copy that explained those solutions to the end user in a way they could understand. I was already doing the job of a copywriter but I wanted to test the water before I tried to go at it full time. So, I started offering my copywriting services to our web design clients and the response was very positive.

In late 2009, I went solo as a freelance copywriter and I have been happily helping my customers with their marketing materials ever since. I have written for clients in a wide array of industries but I tend to work with attorneys, tech companies and marketing agencies the most often.